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Monday, August 12, 2013

Raspberry Cheesecake Trifle

This comes from one of my all time favorite people, Julie.  Anything she makes is amazing, and always a crowd pleaser.  This is so good, it makes a great dessert for a large group, or for a special occasion, or simply just because.  

2 8oz packages of Cream Cheese
2 Cups Powdered Sugar
1 Cup Sour Cream
2 tsp. Vanilla
1 Cup Heavy Cream
1 tsp Vanilla
1 Tbsp. Sugar
1 Family size Pound Cake (cut into 1" cubes)
2 Pkg. Raspberry Danish Dessert
3 Cups Water
1 Large pkg. Frozen Raspberries
1/2 pint Whipping Cream
1 Symphony Candy Bar

Mix cream cheese, powdered sugar, sour cream and 2 tsp. vanilla together.  Whip heavy cream, add 1 tsp vanilla, sugar and then fold into cream cheese mixture.  Mix cubed pound cake into cream cheese mixture and set aside.  Mix 2 packages of danish dessert with 3 cups water in a large sauce pan.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, then remove from heat.  Add frozen raspberries to the danish dessert.  In a trifle bowl, staring with the danish dessert, alternate layers between the danish dessert and cream cheese mixture.  Using a total of 3 layers of the danish dessert and 2 layers of the cream cheese mixture.  Garnish the top with whipping cream and chocolate curls, or fresh raspberries.

To make the chocolate curls use a potato peeler on a slightly softened symphony candy bar.

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