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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simple Éclair Cake

My fabulous sister in law made this for us for Mother's Day this year and it was yummy! I called her for the recipe over the weekend and made it for our little Pioneer Day BBQ on Sunday, it got rave reviews. The best part is how simple it is to make, you can whip it up in under 10 minutes, enjoy!


2 (3.5 oz) pkg vanilla instant pudding

1 (8 oz) container cool whip

3 cups milk

16 oz graham crackers

1 container prepared chocolate frosting.


Prepare pudding with 3 cups milk then fold in cool whip. In 9x13 layer graham crackers, pudding mixture, graham crackers, pudding mixture, ending with crackers on top. Top with chocolate frosting (this goes a lot easier if you microwave the frosting for just 20-30 seconds to get it nice and soft and pourable). Spread the frosting to cover all crackers. Allow to chill in the fridge at least 4 hours to soften crackers.

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