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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shredding Chicken

Does anyone else every dread the task of shredding Chicken? I always hate when a recipe calls for shredded Chicken, that is until today. I learned a new little trick to simplify shredding chicken. I bought about 10 Chicken breasts this morning and was planning on cooking and shredding a few of them, when I was on the phone with an old friend and she told me a new use for my Kitchen Aid mixer. Yes you read that right, my kitchen aid mixer. Boil your chicken just like you would if you were going to shred the chicken by hand. Once it's cooked thru, place the chicken in your mixer with your paddle attachment in place turn your mixer onto low and let it work it's magic. Within a few moments you will have shredded chicken. Now wasn't that easy?

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