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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunshine Toast

my mom use to make this all of the time while we were growing up and I must say that I loved them. I always thought it was super cool. I also love that when I eat the over easy egg, there is already toast surrounding it to soak up the yummy golden sunshine that runs out of the egg. This is an easy twist on eggs and toast that your kids will love!

Set your burner to medium heat and place your frying pan on the burner. Add a dab of butter to the pan. Now butter one side of a piece of bread.

With butter side up take your glass drinking side down and press it in the center of your toast to cut a perfect circle in the center. Do not discard the center, toast it in your pan to eat later.
Once the burner is warm, drop your bread butter side down in the frying pan. Take your egg and crack it open over the bread to fill the hole.

When you can get the spatula under the egg without breaking white of the egg flip it over and heat until the whites of the egg are fully cooked.

When the whites of the egg are done. Place on a plate and serve.

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