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Friday, July 11, 2008

Debbie's Jambalaya

I'm not sure I am giving the right credit to the creator of this recipe, but I got it from my friend/former roommate, Debbie. I made a really big batch expecting the left-overs to last us awhile, but that plan didn't work very well because we loved it so much!

This is a chicken and sausage jambalaya. It's the kind of recipe that is experimented with until it tastes right - but you can get it right the first time you make it by adding ingredients! You will notice there is no precise measurement on any of the ingredients. I will include what I used in parenthesis, and you can experiment to try and get the right proportion of everything. Debbie did say that the key to making it taste right is to be generous with the garlic - I used the pre-cut stuff you can buy and keep in the fridge.

Chicken (you can use a whole chicken or chicken breasts - whatever you prefer to work with! I used two large chicken breasts that I cut into pieces before boiling rather than shredding)
Sausage - cut into small discs (I used about 4 polish sausages)
Vegetables to add - cut them into pieces of comparable size to the sausage pieces (bell peppers, onions, green onions - whatever your family enjoys!)
Canned tomatoes (I used one can of stewed tomatoes - I think they may have been seasoned as well. Next time I will use 2 cans)
Rice (I think I used 1 ½ cup - this depends on the amount of liquids you end up with)

Boil your chicken in seasoned water - you will be using the stock later, so you want to make sure it gets well seasoned. I used garlic, salt, and pepper. Be sure to reserve the stock. Shred the chicken.

Fry up the sausage in a separate pan. Add the vegetables and season (I used salt, pepper, and garlic). Add the chicken. Add the canned tomatoes - juice included! Cook that all together a couple minutes to get the flavors blending well. Put that entire mixture into the stock and add your rice (if you think you don't have enough liquids, you can add some chicken stock). Cook until rice is done (about 20 minutes). Enjoy!

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